Get the Kids Ready for Summer With Swim Lessons in Santa Barbara at COAC

little boy enjoying a swim lesson in santa barbara

Get ready because summer is coming in hot, and with it, bored kids with lots of energy to burn. There’s no better way to ensure they’re prepared for summer fun than with swim lessons in Santa Barbara! Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club has more classes to keep kids active, happy, and healthy. Let’s explore COAC’s youth classes like swimming, tennis, kickboxing, and Zumba!

Try a Junior Swim Lesson In Santa Barbara

Strong swimming skills are a must in a coastal city like Santa Barbara. That’s why Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club offers swim classes to different age groups year-round. You can enroll your baby in classes designed to get them comfortable in the water and build basic skills. Kids age seven to 12 can dive into learning competitive stokes and racing fundamentals in our novice classes. 

Additionally, our age group classes teach kids ages nine to 18 how to fine-tune and advance their current swimming technique. We also have 30-minute private lessons in our heated pool for one-on-one instruction. Plus, our swim instructors have backgrounds in competitive swimming, water polo, or triathlons—so your little fish can benefit from their expertise in a safe environment!

Junior Tennis Clinics

Is your little one the next Serena Williams? Get them ready to game, set, and match with our Junior tennis clinics open to kiddos ages four to 18. Our programs introduce tennis to children based on age, physical size, and ability. By modifying the court dimensions, equipment, net height, and scoring system, coupled with a play component, children develop better technical and point playing skills.

In addition, these clinics are a great way to build hand-eye coordination and self-confidence, all beneath the brilliant Santa Barbara sky!

Kids Kickboxing

It’s never too early to start learning how to channel energy healthily. Our Kids Kickboxing classes teach kids ages six to 12  how to defend themselves while providing a healthy outlet for all that youthful energy. This 45-minute class welcomes all skill levels and is a great way for your youngster to build confidence, discipline, and healthy habits early on.

Kids Zumba

Does your child bust a move every time “Let It Go” plays? If so, our kids’ Zumba classes may be the perfect fit as it combines dance and aerobics with their favorite music accompaniment. This class is perfect for non-competitive kiddos who enjoy fun, relaxed activities that get them moving.

For a Swim Lesson in Santa Barbara and More, Visit COAC

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