Celebrating Female Trainers: Spotlight on Santa Barbara’s Women Fitness Coaches

female trainers at swell clubs

Not only is March Women’s History Month, but March 8th is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” It wasn’t too long ago that the fitness industry was male-dominated, and women’s bodies were considered incapable of handling vigorous exercise. Fortunately, the health and wellness space has evolved to be more inclusive. Still, at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, we wanted to recognize the historical struggle for women in fitness and feature an inspiring staff member while highlighting the March classes taught by our amazing female trainers.

Female Trainers in Waiting

Prior to the 20th century, exercise was not only considered a danger to female fertility but it was also perceived as vulgar. Sweating in public? Strength? Muscles? These were considered unladylike, masculine pursuits. It wasn’t until marketing erupted in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s that women were influenced to lose weight via girdles, restrictive diets, and a plethora of unregulated diet pills.

Then, the 1980s changed the game, glamorizing athletic figures. Women wanted to emulate that. The bare-bones, testosterone-fueled gyms, however, weren’t exactly female-friendly. Alternatively, women rode the waves of jazzercise and Jane Fonda’s aerobic videos. Gym owners took notice and began to make their facilities more inclusive. Today, women make up 50.5% of gym memberships, and female trainers account for 51.4% of the profession! Another impressive shift? No one blinks an eye when ladies sweat.

Meet Our Tennis Director, Mikala Triplett

Growing up, Mikala Triplett witnessed how her parents didn’t let racial adversity hinder their ability to accomplish what they wanted. Perhaps it was this example of tenacity that motivated her 15-year tennis career. Within a year of starting the sport, Mikala ascended to the UTSA 10 and under division before making it to the top ten in southern California! The more she competed, the more recognition and esteem she earned. 

We’re proud to have Mikala as a Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club tennis director and instructor. Having grown up in Santa Barbara, she embodies the dynamic health and wellness culture that exists in our community. Her passion and experience with early competition continue to enrich our junior tennis program and the kids who participate. 

Learn more about Mikala, her incredible journey, and her tips on staying motivated in fitness and balanced in life.

Support Women and Your Health With Our Group Classes

The relevance of inclusion as this year’s International Women’s Day theme is not lost on us. To commemorate the progressive inclusivity of women in the fitness industry, Cathedral Oaks Athletics Club’s March group classes feature seventeen of our amazing female trainers. From pilates to weighted workouts, there’s something for everyone on the schedule. Honor women and your health by daring to sweat publicly (gasp!).

Get Fit With Female Trainers and Save Big Bucks

At Cathedral Oaks, we consider health a right, not a privilege. Inspired by how female trainers revolutionized the fitness industry to be more inclusive, we want to do the same by lowering the barrier to gym membership! Now through March 31st, you can join for only $99. Be your wellness advocate and start your health journey by contacting us today!