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Spice up your routine with the fun and dynamic sport of pickleball in Goleta at Swell! This exciting paddle game is perfect for all ages and skill levels, offering a blend of friendly competition, exercise, and a chance to hone your hand-eye coordination. Whether you're a member looking to challenge friends on the court or a newcomer curious to explore a new activity, Swell Goleta has something for you! Just remember the main rule: have fun!

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Elevate your pickleball game beyond the basics! Our instruction goes deeper, teaching you the biomechanics of keystrokes used by advanced players. Master proper swing patterns for powerful dinks, strategic volleys, and controlled smashes, boosting your confidence and enjoyment on the court.

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Ignite your child's passion for the nation's fastest-growing sport with Swell Goleta's Junior Pickleball Clinics! This exciting program offers a fun and engaging environment for youngsters to develop their skills, learn the essential game tactics, and maybe even develop the techniques to challenge the grown-ups! Through a combination of drills, games, and friendly competition, our clinics will equip your child with the foundation to become a confident and capable pickleball player. 


Looking to experience the best of pickleball in Goleta? No need to text or call a friend—simply show up at one of our designated times below, and we'll connect you with other eager players. Two courts will be reserved specifically for Open Play, ensuring ample space to rally and refine your skills.

Please note: Open Play is currently exclusive to Swell Goleta club members.


No problem! Visit our membership page to learn more about the benefits of joining our welcoming community and unlocking all that Swell Goleta has to offer. To sign up, learn more, or have any questions, contact our team at pickleball@swellclubs.com!

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