Holiday Hacks: Time-Saving HIIT Fit Routines for Busy December Days

A man and a woman doing a hiit fit routine on mats

Between the shopping, cooking, hosting, and travel chaos of December, who has time to spend an hour or more in the gym? If that describes your schedule, try HIIT Fit routines to get an intense but quick workout that you can fit into a busy day. Plus, they’re effective for weight loss and cardiovascular health. To help you get started, we’ve put together three HIIT workouts that take twenty minutes or less.

HIIT Fit Glute Burner Session #1

This 20-minute routine is not for the faint of heart. Without a doubt, it’ll get you sweaty and sore, so stay hydrated and stretch your muscles before and after. Do four rounds of the following moves, with a one-minute rest between each round:

1 minute of high knees 

1 minute of donkey kicks

1 minutes of mountain climbers

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of squat kicks

Full-Body Session #2

You’ll be on the floor a bit for this full-body workout, so grab an exercise map and ensure you’re warmed up and stretched out! Like the previous routine, you will do four rounds of the exercises below with a one-minute rest in between.

1 minute of jumping jacks

1 minutes of froggers

30 seconds of reverse planks

30 seconds of plank walkouts

1 minute of table top reaches

1 minute of side bridges

Upper-Body Sculpting Session #3

Another routine that incorporates more compound exercises that sculpt all muscles, especially the upper body. It requires 5- to 10-pound weights. Ensure your shoulders, torso, and back are stretched, and your core is stable. Then, do four rounds of the following moves, with a one-minute rest between each round:

1 minute of bear crawls

1 minute of crab walks

1 minute of squat to overhead press with rotation (using weights)

1 minute of air punches with optional weight

1 minute of plank up-downs

Get HIIT Fit Fast

Try any one of these routines, and you’ll see the short duration doesn’t minimize their toughness. Luckily, there are modifications for many of these moves that can make them easier or lessen the impact on your joints. Above all, don’t push yourself to do a move that is causing pain or flaring up an old injury. Most importantly, reward yourself with a post-workout sauna session, or relax in one of our outdoor hot tubs—your muscles will thank you later!

Get More Fitness Fun at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club

HIIT Fit workouts are a great way to inject cardio into your everyday life without making a huge time commitment. Certainly, if you prefer to have the guidance of a professional, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club has a variety of group classes led by our fitness experts. Or you can sign up for one-on-one sessions with one of our personal trainers. Not a member yet? Join now and receive free initiation with no monthly payment until 2024!