Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Workouts at Swell Goleta

outdoor workouts at swell, pickle ball court

Summer turns our already stunning coastline into a vibrant, living thing. With such a backdrop, most of us are used to getting our sweat on outside—whether that’s pounding the pavement on a coastal run or paddleboarding on the Pacific. At Swell Goleta, we’re not here to replace your cherished outdoor workouts; we’re here to enhance them. At our athletic club, you can seamlessly transition from refreshing laps in the pool to refining your technique on pristine courts, all under the glorious California sun.

Breathe Deep, Feel Great: The Advantages of Outdoor Exercise

There are numerous advantages to incorporating outdoor workouts into your routine. Here are just a few:

Fresh Air and Sunshine: Escape the confines of the gym and immerse yourself in nature. Fresh air revitalizes your senses, while sunshine provides a dose of vitamin D, essential for bone health and overall well-being. Studies have even shown that outdoor workouts can elevate feelings of well-being and reduce stress compared to indoor exercise. 

Boosted Calorie Burn: Uneven terrain, wind resistance, and maintaining balance during certain activities can all contribute to a slightly higher calorie burn compared to exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike.

Workout Variety: Outdoor fitness offers a chance to break the monotony of a typical gym routine. Swell Goleta provides numerous options to explore—from swimming to tennis to pickleball—keeping your exercise experience fresh and exciting.

Connection With Nature and Community: It’s not just about physical benefits, either. Working out outside provides a chance to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and immerse yourself in nature. Whether striking up a friendly tennis match or enjoying a post-workout snack poolside with friends, there’s always something to connect over.  

Swimming at Swell Goleta

Trade the weight machines for a refreshing swim in our expansive outdoor pool complex! Feel the sun on your skin as you glide through the water, enjoying a low-impact workout that strengthens your entire body and improves cardiovascular health. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely lap swim or an invigorating aquatic workout, our outdoor pools offer the perfect setting for an enjoyable and effective workout experience.

Want to take your summer further? Sign up for Swell’s swim team or swim lessons

Unleash Your Inner Tennis Pro 

Looking to refine your technique or engage in friendly competition? Our outdoor tennis courts provide the perfect setting for all your tennis needs. With six hard courts and four Har-Tru clay courts, we offer a wide range of tennis programs (including summer camps!), adult team tennis, and junior tennis. Sweating it out on the courts is a fantastic way to connect with fellow tennis enthusiasts and participate in organized matches.

Pickleball Power 

Pickleball, the nation’s fastest-growing sport, has found a home outdoors at Swell Goleta!  Our designated pickleball courts offer ample space for this dynamic paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Pickleball is a fantastic way to get moving, have fun, and connect with fellow enthusiasts in a vibrant outdoor setting.

New to the sport? We offer a range of activities, from pickleball clinics and lessons to open play days. 

Escape the Ordinary With Outdoor Workouts at Swell Goleta!

Take your fitness routine outdoors and experience the numerous benefits it offers. With our sparkling swimming pools, expansive tennis courts, dedicated pickleball courts, and beautiful outdoor spaces, we have something for everyone. So, embrace the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and discover a whole new dimension with outdoor workouts Swell Goleta!