Why Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club Is Different Than Other Gyms in Santa Barbara

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Here at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, you’re getting much more than just a workout. Step into a full wellness experience at the club. Our open-air performance tent is a favorite for weight training, and our unique combination of sports lessons and fitness classes will make you forget that a workout was even on your to-do list. Enjoy the standout amenities that set us apart from other gyms in Santa Barbara. 

Get Competitive Pickleball Lessons 

Pickleball isn’t just for kids; it’s a sport everyone can love! Stop by our pickleball clinics on our newly updated courts every Tuesday and Thursday to learn the basics of the game. Our engaging instructors will show you the ropes. Want to up your game for the next face-off against your favorite competitive duo? Book private or group pickleball lessons to polish those strokes and learn winning swing patterns and techniques from the pros. 

Take It To The Mat With Pilates Classes

Pilates is an incredible flexibility practice and foundation for all movement-based daily activities. Pilates reinforces our posture so that we use the correct form when lifting weights or just sit up straighter at our work desk. To suit the various needs of our members, we offer a unique mat-based Pilates class that goes above, and beyond a traditional Pilates Reformer workout. We take it to the mat to activate the deep-core musculature. 

Our skill-level-sensitive workout groups are designed to meet your exact needs for strength-building or movement. For example, try Posture Pilates for a slower and more intentional stretch, Pilates Express for more burn between movements, and Restorative Pilates for strengthening movements, including the pleasant integration of yoga. 

Breathe Deeper With Our Open-Air Performance Decks

One aspect of Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club that’s truly unique is our open-air performance decks. Lift weights or work on drills in our covered performance center while enjoying that deeply refreshing coastal air. The outdoor lifestyle in Santa Barbara is something we want our members to experience throughout the club. 

Swim In The Best Pools Of Any Gyms In Santa Barbara

Swimming is a natural part of the Santa Barbara lifestyle for our members and their kids! For those who love a big pool, take your pick from our heated recreational pool or lap pools to log a workout. Our pools are one of the most popular amenities our members enjoy year-round. Get back into surfing shape or teach your kids to swim with one of our swim lesson classes.

Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club Is More Than Just A Membership 

We are so much more than just a club. At Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, our members make new friends, bump into neighbors, bring their kids along, and hang out by the pool together. The sense of community people love most about this place and the discounts at local businesses, fun member socials, and over 75 weekly group exercise classes don’t hurt! So if you’re considering switching it up from your home workouts, contact us about trialing a membership