Get Your Pre-and Post-Workout Fuel at the Cathedral Oaks Club Cafe

Cathedral Oaks Club Ahi Poke Bowel

Working out is great for your body and mind, but it’s only a fraction of your wellness journey. In truth, food is the vehicle that drives the efficacy and impact of your fitness routine. The good news is that nourishing yourself can be delicious as it is nutritious, as demonstrated by the Cathedral Oaks Club onsite Café. We have a diverse menu of indulgent favorites and healthy eats to power you up before and after your sweat session!

Pre-Fitness Fuel

The sweet spot for pre-workout meals or snacks is something a little higher in complex carbohydrates while also including some healthy fats and protein. Ideally, you’d fuel up two-three hours before you hit the gym, but that’s not always possible. Either way, we have great options to accommodate various schedules.

You’ve Got Time to Dine

If you’re an excellent planner or your eating window naturally falls two to three hours ahead of your workout time, you have a little more wiggle room regarding serving size and nutritional benchmarks. You can eat an actual meal rather than a snack or something light. Check out the Cathedral Oaks Club Café menu picks that have a balance of carbs, protein, and fat to sustain you over a longer period.

Taco Salad: Who doesn’t love a deconstructed taco in the form of a salad? Our version maxes out fiber and carbs with black beans and avocados, the latter of which also offers healthy fats, electrolytes, and tons of vitamins and minerals. It also packs a protein punch with lean ground turkey to keep you full. With chipotle ranch, tortilla strips, mixed greens, and pico-de-gallo, you can be sure that your tastebuds will be as satisfied as your body!

Café Club Sandwich: The sliced turkey makes this similar to our turkey sandwich, but the cafe club wins out because its main carbohydrates come from sourdough. This ancient bread keeps your blood sugar in check and acts as a prebiotic to absorb more nutrition. Another perk is the fats and fiber in avocado, while the lettuce and tomato offer electrolytes and antioxidants. Get it with a side salad or fruit to add even more hydration and phytochemicals.

You’re in a Rush

Some of us are lucky to even get to the gym, much less plan meals! That’s okay, keep your water bottle filled and rely on these quick snacks when you have limited time. The key is making sure you’re not eating anything too heavy. Otherwise, you might get stomach cramps as you work out.

Hummus Platter: Our homemade hummus and veggie platter is not super protein-heavy, but you can always address that post-workout. What it does have is carbs, fiber, and fat from the olive oil to give you quick energy. Additionally, the cut veggies offer electrolytes. 

Fruit Cup: Our seasonal fruits are filled with water, electrolytes, carbs, natural sugars, and vitamins for readily available energy and helpful hydration. Fruit is a great on-the-go option because it’s light but supports your body’s needs.

Post-Workout Sustenance 

The rumors are true: you need the amino acids from protein to replenish and build your muscles after a workout, so it needs to be your main focus when choosing your post-workout fuel. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only benchmark you need to hit. In order to restore the glycogen depletion that occurs during an intense fitness routine, get a hit of complex carbs. Whether it’s fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, or sweet potatoes, whole carbohydrates potentiate the protein’s efficacy. 

Combine Protein + Carbs + Fat to Avoid Post-Workout Binging

It’s not uncommon to become ravenous after hitting the gym. To keep from swallowing your fridge, add a small amount of healthy fat to round out your meal. Try one of these crowd-pleasers:

Post Workout Fix: This simple dish of three hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocado, and roasted pistachios, served on a bed of mixed greens, gets right to the point. You’ve got protein from the eggs, robust fats from the avocado and pistachios, and a smart touch of fiber from vitamin–rich tomatoes and greens. Add a fruit cup for refreshing carbs and even more water!

Ahi Poke Bowl: This popular Hawaiian dish is topped with ahi, a terrific source of lean protein. The addition of pickled ginger will help with muscle inflammation, while our best friend, avocado, provides fat, fiber, and more protein. Ask the Café staff to substitute brown rice for lettuce so you meet your carb needs with whole grains.

Turkey Sandwich: A classic turkey sandwich with tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, mixed greens, and the Mediterranean twist of sun-dried tomato pesto, which adds a little fat. Normally served on ciabatta bread, ask for a complex carb substitution like whole wheat bread or a spinach tortilla wrap. 

Besides their obvious benefits, what we love most about our Café’s options is that they’re as appetizing to your tastebuds as they are to your body. 

Let Cathedral Oaks Club Assist Your Health Goals 

At COAC, we want amenities like our Café, sauna, steam room, and more to help our members feel strong and vital. A healthy diet is definitely part of that, but so is balance. Food is so much more than fuel and is meant to be enjoyed. That’s why our menu includes sweet treats as well. So, treat yourself occasionally to an ice cream shake poolside, or catch up with pals over a glass of rose in our lounge. 

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