Summer Activities for the Whole Family at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club

summer activities for the whole family

Here at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that’s right for every member of our community. Whether that means pickleball mixers, fitness classes for you and the kids, or a relaxing afternoon poolside, we’re here to provide summer activities for the whole family! 

Take a swing at pickleball

Ready to try your hand at something new this year? Pickleball is a great way to get moving, have fun, and hone your hand-eye coordination. We’ll be hosting pickleball clinics on our newly updated courts every Tuesday and Thursday. At these events, you can learn the rules of pickleball through our engaging instructors. Just remember the main rule: have fun! Pickleball is a great summer activity for the whole family to bond over.

Yoga for you and the kids

Yoga is a great way to center, pause, and refresh. While we know the benefits of yoga for adults, did you know yoga is also great for kids? According to a Harvard study, yoga can promote mindfulness and improve physical and mental health in children ages 6-12. As a result, yoga is becoming more popular among children and is being taught more frequently in schools. This summer break, we’re offering classes for kids and adults alike to strengthen their yoga practice. 

Dive into swim classes

While we offer year-round swim classes thanks to Santa Barbara’s beautiful climate, there’s nothing quite like swimming when it comes to summer activities. Whether you’re a freestyle beginner or perfecting your butterfly, we offer classes for every age and ability level. For ages 6-18, we also offer varying levels of Swim Team that allow kids to learn the basics of the four competitive strokes.

Ready for your little one’s first dip? There’s nothing quite like Baby Swim to get them started early! We specifically design these classes to safely introduce babies four to 13 months old to the vast and wondrous world of aquatics.

Summer activities for the whole family

We understand it’s been a long year without access to everything our club offers. We are excited to welcome everyone back fully. From clinics to classes for you and the kids, let us celebrate keeping health and family our number one priority.