What is Spin Class? Learn the Basics of a Bike-Only Workout

what is spin class

Need an addictive, high-intensity workout to keep you coming back to the gym this winter? Look no further than a spin class! This 45-minute workout makes your time count in every way possible. From cardio to lower body toning and endurance building, there’s a little of everything in a spin class. So what is a spin class exactly? Here are some basics to get you started with one of our seven weekly spin classes, tailored to every skill level and fitness goal. Ready to get your heart (and legs) racing?

What Is a Spin Class? 

A spin class is 45 minutes of heart-pumping aerobic exercise that targets the lower body and core. It’s a great way to get a serious workout that’s easy on your joints. And it comes with major cardio benefits. 

The instructor participates in the class from the front of the room, guiding the group workout through specific paces and intervals. Music is a fun and inspirational aspect of our spin classes, tailored to the intensity and pace of each class. 

Every class usually begins with a 5 to 10-minute warm-up and cool-down to prevent injury and warm up your muscles. The rest of the class is focused on interval training, endurance, and full-body strengthening, depending on which style you’ve chosen.

What Do All The Numbers Mean in a Spin Class? 

There are three important metrics to pay attention to in a spin class: distance traveled (in miles), RPM (revolutions per minute), and calorie burn. Distance is key if you’re training for an event like a triathlon or have another long-distance goal you want to achieve.

Calorie burn is helpful for tracking if you have a weight loss goal in mind. However, a health tracker that measures your heart rate through the workout will give you a more accurate estimate than the bike. 

Lastly, RPMs help track your pedal speed. Pedal speed is good for tracking what aerobic zone you are trying to stay in for interval training. Note the resistance level also matters in how many RPMs you achieve in a class. The higher the resistance, the lower the RPMs, so don’t mistake low RPMs for low effort! 

How Do I Prepare For a Spin Class? 

Going prepared for a spin class will help you have the best experience. So, what should you bring your first time? First, we recommend wearing tight-fitting workout clothing like leggings or bike shorts. For safety reasons, you don’t want loose material getting caught or torn in the moving mechanisms of the bike. Also, bring a towel to class and a full water bottle. Spin classes are known for working up a sweat! 

For footwear, indoor spinning shoes are designed to clip into the bike pedals. These help you transfer more power to the bike with every revolution (and prevent your feet from slipping mid-workout). Spinning shoes are helpful if you do regular spin classes but aren’t required on your first day. Regular workout trainers are fine. Also, don’t forget to bring or wear a heart rate monitor or smartwatch if you’d like to record your sweat sesh! 

What Types of Spin Classes Do You Offer At Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club? 

At Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, our spin programs focus on key fitness goals. All-Terrain Spin, Endurance Spin, and Interval Spinning build endurance and speed. Alternately, Integrative Spin and Tone it Up Spin emphasize a full-body workout focusing on muscle building. Last but not least, Restorative Spin is a low-impact workout, slower in pace, and great for those recovering from injury. 

Get Your Heart Pumping at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club With Spin Class

You might be worried that a spin class is hard for beginners, but the beauty of this group workout is that you can go at your own pace! Of course, the instructor will cue you when it’s time to hill climb, sprint, or take a load off after a hard push, but ultimately, you set the pace. So have fun and achieve your fitness goals too with a spin class at Cathedral Oaks