The Yoga Cool Down Poses You Need To Ease Your Way Into Fall

woman in yoga cool down pose, child's pose

As the long, busy days of summer end and your fall calendar fills up, a little extra self-care becomes even more important. Ease into the new season with a Vinyasa/flow-based yoga class at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. And don’t forget to cap off these muscle-warming sessions with three yoga cool down poses that will help ground and calm your body and mind.

Yoga Cool Down Pose #1: Cat Cow

From downward dog, bend your knees until they touch your mat and your torso is parallel to the floor. To do the cat cow pose, breathe in as you lift your head skyward, and breathe out as you tuck your chin and pelvis to fully flex your spine one vertebrae at a time. This yoga cool down pose stretches your spine and lower back, increasing mobility while active breathing clears brain fog and stress.

Yoga Cool Down Pose # 2: Child’s Pose

From cat cow, relax into child’s pose with your forehead resting on the mat. Feel your shoulders and lower back stretching and breathe into those areas. Do this pose with your knees pointed outwards to release negative emotions in the hips. This popular yoga cool down pose balances the nervous system and allows you to go inward.

Yoga Cool Down Pose # 3: Happy Baby Pose

From child’s pose, gently roll onto your back to do the happy baby position. Grab your feet and rock side to side. Keep your head on the floor and breathe deeply. This restorative yoga cool down pose provides a soothing stretch for your hamstrings, groin, and hips while grounding you in the present and dissolving the everyday mental strain of adulting. 

Unwind At Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club 

Take advantage of Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club’s group fitness classes to sweat out summer stress and improve your self-care routine with other yoga cool down poses!  Visit our online class schedule to see what yoga classes are available each week.