Channel the Eighties With a Step Class at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club

enjoying step at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club

The 1980s is known for its loud fashions, new wave music, and the lycra-wrapped craze that was step aerobics. Donning leg warmers and neon leotards, droves of people attended the upbeat classes with unprecedented devotion. Eventually, however, step aerobics was replaced by more targeted, intense workouts and relegated to memory, like most trends. That is, until a few years ago, when the nostalgic workout began quietly reentering the health and wellness space. Thrilled by the new routines, we developed the Step Interval class at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. Find out how this 60-minute class is even better than its eighties-era predecessor.

Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club’s Improved Step Routines

One of the things that made step aerobics so popular in the ‘80s was how accessible it made exercise. Before the rise of step and jazzercise, women didn’t have space in the fitness realm, and group exercise classes weren’t common. Since COAC members thrive on our group exercise classes offering the original group class was a no-brainer; it just needed a little fine-tuning.

Step aerobics was beloved for its energetic dance moves and silly music. However, all that jumping around made it an unsustainable practice that was too hard on the joints. Another drawback was the lack of strength and core training. Our Step Interval class alternates step aerobics and weight lifting segments to fill these gaps. The class also emphasizes balance and core/back strengthening exercises.

You can maximize your muscle’s caloric burn by incorporating weights, even when you’re not working out. Additionally, strengthening your core and back muscles leads to better stability, fewer injuries, less fatigue, and improved posture. 

What To Expect When You’re Stepping

You don’t have to be Jane Fonda to enjoy Step Interval at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club because this class suits all fitness levels. All you have to do is come prepared with water and good running shoes! 

You can also expect to use a step, risers, weights, and a mat while you work up a sweat to fun, upbeat music. If you have injuries or physical limitations, consult with the instructor before class; they can give you modifications to suit your needs and make the routine more low-impact

Step Up Your Fitness Game at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club

If step aerobics isn’t your thing, don’t worry; we have a wide variety of classes to choose from, and all of them can help you meet your fitness goals. In addition, COAC is honoring mental health awareness by partnering with Headspace so that you can receive 50% off our initiation fee and six months of free access to the Headspace app. Visit our website to discover all the other perks of being an SBAC member!