All About the Weighted Workout Class at COAC in Goleta

a woman holding two weights up at a weighted workout at COAC Goleta.

Using weights in your workout routine increases strength and confidence—bringing out the best in you! Experience the ultimate fusion of strength, balance, and endurance with our exhilarating Weighted Workout class. This full-body fitness session is designed to empower you both mentally and physically. Explore our Weighted Workout class’s balance, endurance, and lifestyle benefits with COAC Goleta.

Simplify Your Weightlifting With Our Weighted Workout Class

Building muscle strength is about consistency, diet, and sustained repetition over time. These days, with so many online tutorials and fitness influencers, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start with weightlifting. 

That’s why we recommend our Weighted Workout class. Having an in-person instructor to demonstrate movements, correct form, and provide encouragement is helpful when working with weights. It also gives you the confidence to push beyond your limits without risking injury. 

Improve Your Core Strength and Posture

Most compound and isolation movements you’ll see with weight training emanate from the core. And developing a strong core is possible without doing a thousand crunches! Explore the harmony between strength and stability as you progress in your movements with a weighted workout class. 

During the class, our instructors will guide you through carefully crafted routines that build upon core-based movements and challenge you from head to toe. This helps to reinforce good posture (shoulders back, pelvis tucked, and chest in a neutral position) and counter the posture many of us have adopted by looking and working at screens. 

Better Bodily Awareness and Coordination

Posture is one thing, but have you ever experienced the frustration of consistently dropping things or knocking them over? Part of this is bodily awareness: how you occupy space in a particular environment. A major benefit of group training is that it helps us learn how to move in limited spaces around others, which is a very valuable skill set. 

Sometimes, we get clumsy when we’re tired, but weight lifting can help with coordination for more stable movements in daily life. Use weights to elevate your cardiovascular fitness and overall conditioning with dynamic movements and resistance training. With this comprehensive approach, you’ll also burn calories, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall fitness level.

A Great Cross-Training Workout Paired With Cardio

While it’s not the same as running, weight training has some great cardiovascular benefits. Get your heart pumping and feel the burn as you participate in various exercises incorporating weights and bodyweight movements. Our certified instructors will guide you through carefully crafted routines that challenge your body from head to toe, with weights enhancing the intensity. 

Feel Accomplished and Empowered with COAC in Goleta

We’re so excited for you to try this class. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this Weighted Workout class at COAC Goleta is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, allowing you to progress at your own pace. Check out our Conditioning Group Exercise schedule to try it!