Yes, It’s Ok to Just Use the Hot Tubs—Why Swell Should Be Your Go-To Spa

Young woman relaxing in a hot tub


Maybe it’s the end of a long day (or an even longer week). Maybe you’re still reeling from the change in season, or looking for a place to get away from the kids for awhile. Whatever the situation, you’re not alone. We’ve all had days we want to sneak past the tennis courts and exercise studios, hit the locker room, and bee-line for the hot tubs. In fact, considering the health benefits associated with your soak, we recommend each and every one of our members take full advantage of our hot tubs.


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Soak away your stress

Sure, stress is a natural survival response. But these small, daily stressors wreak havoc on our bodies. They take a toll on our skin and digestion, disrupt sleep, and can even cause weight gain. Luckily, hot tubs have been scientifically proven to put your body into a deep state of relaxation. Each hot tub soak acts as a reset button, soaking away your baseline stress, so you can cope better with the daily ins and outs.


Rev up your recovery

So, you pushed it a little too hard in your last Pilates class. Don’t worry. Because soaking in hot water reduces muscle spasms, boosts your circulation, and minimizes pain, a few hot tub sessions can speed up recovery times and get you back on the mat before you know it. For best results, massage or knead trigger points to loosen sore or tight muscle tissue.


Catch more z’s

A recent report by the National Institute of Health found that 70 million Americans suffer from mild to chronic insomnia. If counting sheep just isn’t cutting it for you, the hot tub might be your new best friend. Don’t have time to swing by Swell? You’re in luck. The same study shows you can achieve similar results by soaking in your tub at home.


The number one benefit of Swell’s hot tubs?

You get all of the benefits of hot tubbing, and none of the maintenance. Keeping a home hot tub in working order means maintaining the right pH balance, checking and changing filters, and a weekly scrub down to prevent scum build-up.

At Swell, we do all the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your hard-earned spa experience. Our two outdoor hot tubs are the perfect place to take in some fresh air while you relax. Plus, we’ve got fresh towels waiting and shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to help our club members wrap up each spa sesh.


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