Yes, Balance and Flexibility Will Get You Through the Holidays

People practicing yoga on mats

For most of us, the holidays are a time for friends, family, building community. Not to mention incredible amounts of stress. Between shopping for the perfect gifts and packing our seasonal social calendars, we’re busy. The American Psychological Association says 38% of us experience peak stress during the holidays. Cue December’s Fitness Consultation of the Month: Yoga + Fitness. How will a one-on-one consultation give you the balance and flexibility you need to get through the holidays?

Yoga helps fend off stress

You don’t have to be a zen master to tap into the stress-reducing benefits of yoga. Because of the focus on controlled breathing and mindful movement, yoga soothes your sympathetic nervous system. This can ease stress you weren’t even aware you were carrying. Plus, stretching and strengthening poses flood our brains with endorphins. These “feel-good” chemicals will infuse your holidays with a little extra happy.

Balance for your mind and body

These days, it’s hard to slow down. It seems like we’re always plugged-in and on-the-go. During the holidays, especially, our minds can feel like they’re on high vibrate. Luckily, yoga is the perfect excuse to settle and live in the moment. “Yoga is all about linking breath with motion and becoming fully present in mind and body,” says writer and yoga instructor, Leah Sugerman. “The practice itself centers on concentration—focus on the breath, the alignment, and the movement.”

Balancing poses, in particular, force us to physically and mentally come into our calm center. By improving your physical balance, you’re learning valuable tools to help you tap into mental and emotional balance too. And that may be just what you need to handle the holidays with an extra touch of grace.

Squeeze in some “you time”

The holidays are a season of giving. Not only do we give gifts, but we give our time and energy to those we love. This can make it especially challenging to practice self-care and tune into our own needs. By committing to a yoga practice—whether it’s self-practice, a class at Swell, or a one-on-one consultation—you’re building time into your holiday schedule for you. Finding a way to balance our social and personal needs is crucial to winning the holiday season.

If the holiday season has you feeling off-kilter, it may be time to work balance and flexibility into your daily routine. Swell’s one-on-one sessions focus on various techniques to help you strengthen your body, still your mind, and reach your wellness goals.