From Mountain Pose to Kapotasana: Yoga Classes For Every Body

yoga class

How can a movement practice, innovated over 5,000 years ago, continue to shape our modern lives? From boutique studios and weekend retreats to the occasional goat or SUP session, yoga’s versatility is undeniable. And with 300 million practitioners worldwide, it’s only getting more popular. That’s because yoga helps you build strength, increase flexibility, and help keep you centered in a fast-paced world. And it can be beneficial at every skill level, for every body type, and to reach any desired outcome. Here at Swell, we offer a variety of classes to support all of our members. 

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is what it sounds like: a slower-paced, less strenuous form of yoga. During gentle yoga, the instructor will lead you through familiar Hatha poses with multiple available modifications. These modifications make the poses achievable for all body types and fitness levels. The most important part? You’ll move through each pose at your own pace. Gentle yoga is a chance to take stock of your body, relieve aches, pains, and tightness while improving flexibility. 

We recommend gentle yoga for all of our members: from older practitioners to beginners and athletes interested in active recovery. It’s also a great foundation class for anybody who wants to reconnect with their yoga practice. 

Yoga Flow

Yoga flow, the most popular type of yoga in the US, focuses on the relationship between breathing and movement. During this practice, you’ll “flow” from one pose to the next instead of resting between poses. Many flow classes incorporate a variety of traditional poses meant to build strength and improve flexibility. But, as with gentle yoga, yoga flow isn’t intended to be a competition. Everybody should stretch their own limitations, rather than trying to “keep up” with the instructor or other practitioners. 

The real strength of yoga flow is the diversity of movements. One day you might focus on hip flexibility. The next class could be about balance poses. If you keep up with your practice, you’ll get full-body benefits. Plus, the focus on breath and movement can reduce stress and soothe the central nervous system, enabling you to handle daily stressors with more cool.  

Advanced Yoga

Advanced yoga is an excellent option for experienced practitioners. If you’ve got years of experience and a strong foundation in the basics, this class will help you challenge yourself and your practice. At this advanced level, you’ll work towards deeper stretches, more precise balance poses, and a sustained meditative state. From peacock pose to Kapotasana, you’ll tap into a whole new level of practice. 

Kids Yoga

Kids live in the same hurry-up world that we do. That’s why it’s never too early to start working on strength, balance, and focus. We design our fun and engaging Kids Yoga classes with little ones in mind. Plus, studies have shown that practicing yoga at an early age boosts self-esteem, improves coordination, and helps develop body awareness. 

Yoga classes for every body

Whether you’re an advanced athlete or at the beginning of your fitness journey, there’s a yoga class to support your goals. Have questions? The Swell staff is happy to help you find the right fit. Check out our schedule, or get in touch with us to start your practice today.