Outdoor Fitness Classes in Goleta that are Perfect for the Whole Family

mother and daughter enjoying an outdoor fitness in the pool

We’re kicking off the new year, which means many of us will be setting new fitness goals.  But, it’s easy to push off getting in shape when so much of your time is spent entertaining the kids. Luckily, this year, you don’t have to sacrifice family time for “you” time. With outdoor fitness classes for the whole family, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club lets you have both. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Fitness Classes for Kids and Parents 

We’ve all spent way too much time indoors the last few years, and it’s had a significant impact on our physical and mental well-being. But in 2022, we’re beginning to establish new routines, and outdoor fitness will play a more substantial role in many of our lives. 

By choosing to get outdoors for our exercise, we reap the benefits of outdoor time while also boosting our mood and energy levels. This is good for both you and your family. Unfortunately, many kids had to miss out on activities during the pandemic, and it’s come at the cost of their mental health

Luckily, Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club has a variety of outdoor fitness classes that parents and children alike can enjoy together or on their own. 

We’ve Got Outdoor Fitness Classes for Everyone In Your Family

Thanks to Goleta’s beautiful weather, we can offer outdoor fitness classes year-round. There are many different classes available for kids, teens, and adults to enjoy. 

For the Water Lovers, Try a Swim Class!

We’ve got swim classes for all age groups. For ages 4-24 months, our Baby Swim classes are the perfect way to introduce your child to swimming in a safe, supervised environment. We also offer private swim lessons for toddlers and older. Experienced and trained swim instructors teach the classes, so you can rest easy knowing your kids are in safe hands. 

Finally, if you’ve got a youngster passionate about swimming, they might enjoy becoming part of a swim team. We’ve got both a novice team and other teams grouped by age. 

And, of course, adults are always welcome to get a workout in at the lap pool or in an Aqua Aerobics fitness class. 

Prefer to Stay on Land? Opt for Tennis or Pickleball.

If you’d rather keep your head above water, there are still plenty of outdoor fitness classes to attend. 

As one of the few places in the Santa Barbara area to play pickleball, we’re happy to offer clinics every season. We also have a variety of clinics and private lessons for the tennis lover in your life. Parents and kids can grow their skills in the Adult or Junior Tennis divisions. Then, you can reserve a court on your own and play together as a family. 

Get Outside and Enjoy Family Time at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club 

There’s no better time to introduce outdoor fitness classes into you and your kid’s routines. By enrolling your family in some fitness classes, your kids will feel happier and stronger, and you’ll finally get the time to get back into the club again. 

Find out more about our membership and fitness classes today.