Spin is a fast-paced, fun indoor cycling workout that’s sure to get your heart-rate up! You can find eSpinner bikes in our cardio area or if you prefer to join a class, we offer challenging spin classes in our Spin Studio where our phenomenal instructors will guide you through an intense training session.

Spin Group Exercise Classes

All-Terrain Spin – incorporates endurance, strength, and interval training with varying levels of resistance to help create an indoor terrain

Endurance Spin – push your fitness and endurance level with high-intensity speed and resistance intervals

Integrative Spinning – a full body workout, integrating upper-body strength and back/shoulder extension and flexion

Interval Spinning – an intense cycling class emphasizing endurance interval training

Restorative Spinning – a cycling class for regeneration

Spinning – a heart-pumping cycling class that includes speed and resistance intervals to improve your fitness

Tone it Up Spin – emphasizes toning up the muscles used when cycling