Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer in Santa Barbara

Personal trainer Santa Barbara

Here in our beach community, staying active outdoors is easy, but achieving specific workout goals is another story. So if you’d like to overcome your fitness plateau (and get more from your workout), a personal trainer is the right move!  Here’s why getting a personal trainer in Santa Barbara should be a top priority for your fitness in the New Year. 

Get In Shape For A Fitness Goal or Life Event with A Santa Barbara Personal Trainer

Maybe you would like to lose weight for a wedding, or you have your eyes set on achieving a new weightlifting PR. With a plan, you can make meaningful progress toward these important goals. Considering your goals and what motivates you to show up at the club will help you get the most out of your session with a personal trainer. Their homework is finding out your motivation. 

Find An Expert To Help With Your Fitness Decisions (And Prevent Injuries)

Navigating the fitness world can be confusing, and you shouldn’t feel alone in your journey toward health. The first goal of successful personal training is admitting what you don’t know.

Injuries in the gym usually happen when we are unaware we are using incorrect techniques or are putting stress on a weak area. A coach who knows your past injuries or muscle imbalances can make all the difference. A personal trainer can help correct your form by providing reasonable modifications to ensure you get the most from each personal training session. 

Get Better Results For The Time You Put In At The Gym

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting hours of your week toward a workout routine but not seeing the results you deserve. If this is how you feel, you might need to focus on different exercises or types of workouts to meet your goals. That’s where a personal trainer in Santa Barbara comes in. Get in the right shape to meet your goals and see the results you’ve always wanted. 

A personal trainer will create a specialty program for your body type, metabolism, lifestyle, and skill level. Never worry again about falling behind in another one-size-fits-all fitness class. Instead, carry out your fitness goals with a personal trainer and coach who knows you and holds you accountable!

Overcome your Fitness Plateau or Gym Boredom 

A fitness plateau happens when your muscles get used to doing the same exercises over and over, and you maintain the muscle growth or weight loss you’ve already achieved. It’s a sure sign that it’s time to change something up. Maybe you need heavier weights or more reps, but it’s easier to know with a certified and trained fitness expert.

Gym boredom is yet another common symptom that can happen over time. This can turn showing up for a workout into a stale routine. If your motivation is lagging, consider how a personal trainer might provide the variety you are craving. 

Hate the stair stepper? Why not mix it up with a custom cardio intervals circuit? Need more intensity than your weekly yoga class? Mix it up with a customized weight-training plan from your personal trainer. 

Find A Personal Trainer In Santa Barbara

The best part about a personal trainer is that you don’t have to use trial and error or waste time guessing how you might reach your fitness goals. Instead, you can invest your time and energy toward moving ahead with a personalized plan. So if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Santa Barbara, look no further than Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club. Call us at (805) 964-7762 if you’re ready to reach your goals, or reach out via our contact form and ask your question about getting started with a personal trainer.