What Is Functional Fitness Training and Why Does It Matter?

A woman in a pink shirt and black fitness shorts does loaded lunges as part of a functional fitness training plan

When it comes to health, keeping active is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. But not every workout needs to be an all-out HIIT session or even a sweaty spin class. Functional fitness is an accessible alternative, and it’s often a neglected aspect of physical fitness. Through simple, everyday movements, functional fitness can help you move and feel better. 

What Is Functional Fitness Training?

It might seem obvious, but functional fitness training is any movement that helps you, well, function better. It trains the muscles of the body to work together to perform daily tasks more efficiently. These tasks might include things like walking the dog, playing with your kids, or carrying grocery bags into the house. It can also improve sports performance, coordination, balance, and posture

One of the biggest perks? There’s no need to buy expensive equipment. You can perform these bodyweight exercises anytime, anywhere. But for those who already have an athletic club membership, adding weights or resistance bands to your functional training can be even more beneficial. 

Functional Fitness Training Exercises

Most functional fitness exercises are compound movements, meaning you’ll use more than one joint to complete the activity. Here are a few functional fitness training exercises that you can do at home or in the club:


We all do several squat-like movements throughout the day. Squats are an essential movement for daily life—from getting out of a chair to lifting heavy items off the ground. During a squat, the knee and hip joints work together to straighten the legs and back. Doing this movement repetitively, perhaps with some weight resistance, helps build strength and flexibility for safer, more controlled movements.

Farmer’s Walk

This exercise replicates walking while carrying a load. This movement is useful for everything from bringing the groceries in from the car to carrying bags of soil in the garden. Plus, farmer’s walks can lead to improved mobility, better posture, and more reliable balance.


We perform similar movements to lunges every time we mow the lawn, vacuum, or even bend down to pick something up. Performing lunges in multiple directions will strengthen your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Plus, when done regularly, lunges improve knee and lower back stability to prevent injury. 

Functional Fitness Training Could Be Life-Changing

Functional fitness training is an excellent option for anyone looking to stay healthy, get stronger, and move better.

The great thing is you can try these workouts at home right away! That being said, there is great benefit in training with other people and with professional guidance—get in touch today to find out about classes and training at the club.