The Best Age to Start Swim Lessons for Your Little One

Best age to start swim lessons

Swimming isn’t just a popular way for kids to stay cool in the summer. It’s also an important life skill that your little one can use over a lifetime! So if teaching your child to swim is something on your list, you’re in luck. We offer many swim programs at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club to get your child comfortable in the water. Not sure what to expect? Here are some age-appropriate milestones (including the best age to start swim lessons) for your child.

Ages One to Four: Exploratory Play is Best

The pool is a sensory playground for kids to explore. It’s best to keep things light and easy for this age group and introduce them slowly to the water in a fun, low-pressure environment. Let your babies kick, splash, and play in our Baby Swim class! This program teaches essentials and water skills to parents with their kids. Along with pool time, there are fun sing-alongs and pool toys to keep your little one entertained. Let them explore with the safety of water wings or even a kickboard. This class is offered in the mornings on weekdays through Thursday.

The Best Age to Start Swim Lessons Is Four and Up

Firstly, the best age to start swim lessons is when both the parent and child feel comfortable. While our group program, Swim Team, starts for kids at age 7, there are still plenty of opportunities for younger kids to learn how to swim! If your child is past the toddler stage and knows how to splash, play, and hold their breath in the pool, you might consider a private swim lesson. A 30-minute weekly lesson with a Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club swim instructor means your child will learn the basics of water safety and proper swimming stroke techniques. 

Ages Seven and Up: Swim Team

Eventually, if your child knows how to swim and is interested in competing, they can join our year-round swim team programs. Competitive class is based on age and skill level. As a swim team member, your child will learn four types of swimming strokes and be placed in a novice or advanced group of swimmers, depending on their technique. Our coaches use swim sets and drills to increase speed and build endurance. In addition, your child will learn the fundamentals of racing starts, turns, and finishes. See the Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club website for the most updated hours and schedule for novice swim team and advanced swim programs. 

Year Round Swim Programs For Your Child at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club 

Thanks to the sunny climate of Santa Barbara, we are proud to offer swim programs at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club year round! Help your child gain confidence in the water with a 30-minute weekly lesson taught by a certified swim instructor. Or teach them yourself in our heated outdoor recreational pool. Above all, we love offering members various aquatic amenities, including two hot tubs for relaxation, a large pool area for open swimming, and a heated outdoor lap pool.