Dive In! The Benefits of Aqua Aerobics For Your Health

aqua aerobics

The truth is, you don’t need to be Michael Phelps to enjoy the benefits of pool time. An aqua aerobics class can amp up muscle resistance while reducing pressure on joints. And, it’s fun! The perfect alternative to your regular gym routine is a Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club aqua aerobics group exercise class.

What is an Aqua Aerobics Class Like?

Our aqua aerobics class is an hour-long introduction to the world of pool fitness. Classes begin in the recreational pool, offering swimmers the chance to stretch and enjoy the water’s natural resistance. Like a traditional workout, every class begins with a good warmup and a series of fun, easy movements guided by an instructor. Instructor-led exercises ease participants into leg lifts, deck dips, shoulder raises, or jumping jacks, depending on their comfort and mobility level. 

A Safe, Versatile Workout for All Skill Levels 

Aqua aerobics is one of the safest and gentlest forms of exercise around. Because of the water’s stabilizing effect, it is great for supporting balance and injury prevention. That’s why it’s a popular choice for pregnant mothers, senior citizens, or people dealing with chronic pain from inflammatory conditions like arthritis. But aqua aerobics isn’t only for aching joints. You can do this form of exercise anytime you need a low-impact way to mix up your usual orbit at the gym.  

Time Under Tension Makes Water Workouts Perfectly Balanced 

Time under tension is a common phrase used in the fitness world. It means lengthening the amount of time your muscle is under strain, causing it to grow bigger and stronger. Moving your workout into the water is one way for your muscles to get even more time under tension. The longer, slower movements associated with muscle growth are easily achievable in the water. Doing a water workout means you get bi-directional resistance (moving your arms forward and backward underwater causes equal resistance). That means you get twice the benefits: talk about making it count!

Aqua Aerobics is Just That… Aerobic! 

That’s right! Aqua aerobics gets the heart pumping in incredible ways. Here’s something cool: the heat energy our body generates after a sweat sesh at the gym also happens while we’re in the pool. But our body’s need to sweat through a workout is actually reduced in the water because we are cooler. This means you actually sweat less. But that doesn’t mean your heart isn’t working just as hard. Like any other workout, a pool workout gets the blood pumping. That makes hydrating your body before and after aqua aerobics always a good idea. 

Put Some Fun in Your Gym Routine

Water-based exercise relieves stress, reduces impact on joints, and amps up resistance. If you’re ready to switch it up, a group aqua aerobics class might be just what you’re looking for! Sign up for a class or book a complimentary tour of our water fitness facility to see if it’s right for you.