3 Reasons Aqua Aerobics Class Should Be Your Next Obsession


With our heated pools, outdoor hot tubs, and year-round swim classes, it’s no wonder we’ve created a Santa Barbara community that thrives in the water. If you haven’t suited up for an aqua aerobics class yet, it might be time to see what the buzz is about. 

What is an aqua aerobics class? 

Also known as water aerobics or aqua fitness classes, aqua aerobics is a group class where you perform aerobic movements in a swimming pool. Most classes include resistance training and cardio work, including knee lifts, running in the water, and jumping jacks. Others will incorporate elements of Zumba and yoga. Whether you’re looking for a low impact, high-intensity workout, recovering from an injury, or just want to try something new, aqua aerobics can help you reach your fitness goals.

Low impact on joints and muscles

Sure, running is excellent for your cardiovascular health. But it can stress joints and muscles, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Luckily, you can get the same great aerobic workout without strain on your body by performing the same movements in the water. Buoyancy reduces the drag of gravity so that you can do high-intensity exercises, without the usual wear and tear. 

Strengthens and tones

Want the benefits of weight training without the dumbbells? The pool is the place for you. Because water is denser than air, it provides natural resistance. That means that—depending on the water’s depth—every move works your entire body, especially your arms, legs, and core. Plus, many aqua aerobics classes use equipment like water paddles, noodles, single or double buoys, and kickboards to provide even more resistance. 

Total body training

Our aqua aerobics classes also double your training power through multi-directional resistance. Think about it: when you do a squat in the gym, you rely on gravity to lower your body and stand by engaging your muscles. In the water, your muscles have to fire both directions. You fight the water’s resistance to lower yourself, and also as you stand. This helps you become functionally strong and prevents muscle imbalances. 

Supports a greater range of motion

If you’ve struggled with flexibility, aqua aerobics could be just what you need to loosen up. Because it requires movement in various directions as you adjust to the push and pull of the water, your joints—especially the hips—naturally increase their range of motion. Recovering from an injury? Trying to loosen up after a long week at your desk job? Aqua aerobics could be the perfect solution. 

Become part of a great community

Our aqua aerobics enthusiasts hit the pool year-round. If you’re ready to join the community and make aqua aerobics your next obsession, contact us for the current schedule.