Junior Tennis

Open to all levels ages 3-18 years old.
All players are placed on the appropriate courts according to their age and ability.

Beginners and intermediates:
• Learn the skills to rally
• Fun games and drills
• Develop athletic skills
• Singles and doubles play
• Guaranteed fun and improvement

Advanced players will learn:
• To construct points
• Learn winning patterns of play
• How to beat pushers and moonballers
• Develop advanced footwork skills
• Master the 2nd serve
• Return serve as a weapon
• How to move in doubles

Click here to download our Junior Tennis Fall 2017 Brochure!

Fall 2017 Clinics begin August 21, 2017. 

Junior Stars
Ages 6-8

Players continue to sharpen their abcs (agility, balance, and coordination) while beginning to develop more dynamic movement and footwork patterns that focus on sending and receiving, introduction to topspin and underspin on both forehand and backhand strokes and the different grips used. Ability to intentionally place the ball short, deep and side-to-side is crucial before graduating to next level. Typically, this is the development stage with greatest duration. Red felt balls on 36′ red court. Recommended 1-2 days a week.

Cost per month: $150 for members / $180 for non-members

Ages 8-10

Players in this class are progressing from the 36’ red court to the 60” orange court. This class continues to build upon the sound athletic base established in earlier classes while integrating more complex movement and footwork skills. Players will utilize directional control, spin, and positioning to their advantage while also being able to consistently rally and cooperate with a partner. Being able to maintain proper technique during points and the ability to place ball one serve is a necessity before graduating to the next level. Orange balls on 60’ orange court. Recommended 2 days a week.

Cost per month: $240 for members / $280 for non-members

Ages 8+

Players in this class are technically sound and tactically engaged. Players are beginning to determine their style of play and how it matches up with other styles. This class will incorporate both singles and doubles strategy and play. Green balls on 78’ Green Court.

Cost per month: $240 for members / $280 for non-members

Junior Performance
Ages 9+

Players will improve stroke mechanics and consistency, footwork and anticipation. Learn sound match play tactics. Improve match play performance with emphasis on footwork and conditioning, match play tactics, mechanics, mental toughness and sportsmanship. This is a two day per week class (4 hrs per week). USTA Tournament play required.

Cost per month: $240 for members / $280 for non-members

COAC Academy
Ages 13+
Players will improve stroke mechanics, consistency and footwork. As the age of this class is typically older, there is more emphasis on point development and execution of match play strategies. This will prepare players for high school matches and USTA tournaments.

Cost per month: $240 for members / $280 for non-members

All prices are based on $15/hr for members and $20/hr for non-members with 8 clinics per month.

For more information please contact Tennis Director, Jake Nelson at jake.nelson@swellclubs.com or call (805) 964-7762.